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Project Info

I was working across the road from Mr Locket when he explained the problems he had with his back lawn.

The problem was that the lawn was very patchy in places. When I visited the garden, I realised the water was sitting in puddles due to bad drainage. I was also aware how the ground in this part of Harrogate is known to be bad for clay.

At the bottom of the lawn it was more patchy grass. In this area was a mature willow tree, Even though I realised that willow trees absorb water from the ground. It was badly shading the bottom of the lawn area.

Mr Lockett at first only wanted the bottom part of the lawn sorted. The he decided, we would do all 250m of the area. As it would be best for the lawn and look good.

We did the following:

  • Scrape lawn and apply full soak-away system
  • Cultivate ground adding compost if required
  • Prepare and lay lawn
Mr Lockett