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Project Info

When we first moved into the house the back garden was a bit of a mess due to workmen or the fact that our eighteen month old German Shepard had decided that the best thing to do in the lawn we to dig holes to china in it.

David came and rescued it. He remove all the lawn and old bushed ect with great efficient & tidiness and laid a superb oblong patio area leaving an area neatly along the wall with enough room to plant clematis, climbing roses and plants so they could grow and camouflage the wall.

His work has totally transformed the back garden and the dog loves the patio. David was very straight forward re costing and provided a complete breakdown of prices of materials and labour.

I would recommend David & Forever Green to anyone who needed a transformation done.

Mrs Barker

When I first met Mrs barker she had explained how she had been improving her house inside. She was now in the position to landscape the back garden. Mrs Barker enjoyed gardening and required a garden in which she could stand a collection of her container plants. Mrs Barker was also a dog lover and had just become the owner of a German Shepard. The problem was then with the exposed soil in which the dog could not stop digging up.

Another problem laid with the fact that the back yard was sloped down to the back of the garden and caused the rain water to collect at the back door to the house.

The problems were solved with an Indian stone patio that was laid in 5 random sizes. This replaced the dying lawn and also levelled the garden for future table and chair area.

Unwanted mature plants and roots were removed from the side flower beds existing old brick edging was replaced with a maron edging brick to compliment the Indian stone used. The maron edging was also used along side of the raised paving to match.

A simple soak way channel was rain to the main drain at the bottom of the patio area removing the water running down the yard.

The old man hole cover was replaced with a recessed man-hole cover allowing the stone to be laid inside so it can be hidden. The work was a success and the problems were solved.